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  • If only there was a trailer for El Camino for people to see. I think the world would like to see a little something. Just saying. Also, soon. Very soon. 💣💎⚗️💵🚶🏻‍♂️
  • This man I am standing with (Vince Gilligan) is the reason I have a career. I would follow this man into a fire. That’s how much I trust him. This man gave me a chance back when nobody else would. In weeks people will know our secrets that we keep. Here’s to many more secrets.
  • My god I can’t wait!! @rianjohnson you did it again!! Congratulations my friend. Damn. This looks unreal.
  • El Camino in theaters and Netflix October 11th.
  • Who wants to go to the El Camino premier with me? I want to fly you out and then pick you up from the airport in the El Camino. Open up some Dos Hombres Mezcal in celebration and call you a bitch. Support 2 great nonprofits and enter here:

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