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  • WOLFPACK: Who are you pointing to and rushing toward? 🐺🐺🐺
  • Today I’m rushing and pointing to women who make the game better, make me better, make the world better – I see you and I am FOR you: @alexmorgan13 @BillieJeanKing @Pink @GlennonDoyle @ava @serenawilliams @EmmaWatson @GilbertLiz @RWitherspoon @MichelleObama @melindagates 🐺
  • Let’s amplify each other’s voices, celebrate each other’s successes, and give credit to those who contributed to our own. And when one of us falls, let’s pick her up, and help her get back in the game.
  • Every goal I’ve ever scored belonged to my entire team. When you score, you better start pointing. When a member of the Pack scores, there are only two options: We’re either rushing or we’re pointing.
  • Officially just got cooler to my kids who never saw me play in person. Thanks @alexmorgan13 and @crysdunn_19 and @serenawilliams for being such amazing role models for my kids!! Keep going:) #wolfpack

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