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  • This is fantastic! Thanks for choosing my book, I’m super honored. Hope you enjoy the sequel, and number 3 comes out in a matter of weeks! Yay, Book Clubs!
  • Can’t believe that my THIRD Magic Misfits book comes out next month. It’s a proper series, yo..! Doing a bit of a book tour - if you’re able to come, please say hi. I’m super proud of the world that I’ve created. #MagicMisfits
  • Ending #AIDS, #TB and #malaria is within reach, but not yet fully in our grasp. We have no time to waste. The @GlobalFund is calling on the world to #StepUpTheFight and help save 16 million lives. Add your voice to the open letter today:
  • Sign this petition and help save satire! #STAYMAD #SaveMADmagazine #IDIOTSUNTIE
  • My husband and kids explaining how to make multiple flavors of popcorn just fills me with delight. They are all crazypants and make me so happy. Thanks @Food52 and @Davidburtka for making this video:

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