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  • Different kind of launch day eve nerves. High level of confidence the app is solid and ready for release. Only medium level of confidence Mac IAPs will be glitch free on day one. Way to hard to test this stuff.
  • The story I’m most interested in hearing regarding today’s Apple event (which will likely not be clear for a long time) is what business terms, funding and IP arrangements underly these Arcade game exclusives.
  • I seriously doubt this is final a final design, but, yes, for most users updates can be moved/minimized. “Apps” between “Games” and “Arcade” hurts my brain a bit, however.
  • @parrots @andreweades @marcoarment Well, that’s silly. Also, I’m launching an app tomorrow, so I think I’ll wait a few days.
  • @parrots @marcoarment ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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