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  • RT @LandmarkForum: "While you have a future do not live too much in contemplation of your past: unless you are content to walk backward the…
  • RT @LENews: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt
  • @CopaAirlines Sending you a DM
  • @CopaAirlines I purchased a ticket and had to request cancelation because of lack of clarity and inconsistencies in the information provided. As a customer and fellow Latino, I am embarrassed of the quality of service provided. #Awful
  • @CopaAirlines it’s disheartening + frustrating interacting w/your call center reps. Between their rudeness, lack of concern for customers, inconsistencies, and constant blocking of supervisor requests, it’s incredibly frustrating to engage with your company #Rude #Careless #Fail

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