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  • "The Hong Kong government must withdraw the extradition law amendments, ensure the right to freedom of peaceful assembly, and allow an independent investigation into the use of force by Hong Kong police against protesters." - Man-Kei Tam, @amnestyHK
  • More than 300,000 Rohingya children have been living as refugees for 2 years now Amnesty visited the camps and hosted an art class where the children drew what they want to be when they grow up Every child should have the chance to follow their dreams
  • "Bangladesh and Myanmar's recent proposal to repatriate thousands of Rohingya has triggered widespread fear in the refugee camps. Memories of murder, rape and torched villages are still fresh in the minds of Rohingya refugees.” - @bequelin
  • “These regulations really reflect a flagrant disregard on the part of President Trump and his administration for the safety and the well-being of children in the care of the federal government.”
  • The Trump administration is attempting to make it easier to keep children in detention indefinitely. This is extraordinarily cruel.

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