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  • I think I might have put more hours into @CriticalRole than any other entertainment (It helps that it’s s podcast). Any of you guys Critters? #CriticalRole
  • RT @brandonstansell: I got told a thousand times never to use my body or sexuality in my career. Basically, just be a voice, nothing else.…
  • @KT_So_It_Goes I hadn’t seen the one on flowers when my 4yo started talking about photosynthesis and blew my mind
  • @Jessketchin @MicaBurton This is what it took for me to realize that she is a bat-affiliated vigilante in a major city with a secret identity that a lot of people know. #bread
  • RT @Maryamhasnaa: Notice your level of discomfort with not knowing the outcome. Notice when you get paralyzed from moving forward because y…

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