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  • RT @mikeives: It’s easy to get caught up in the history-making news from Hong Kong this summer. But spare a thought for 1967, an even blood…
  • “A lot of Chinese students here, they want to speak up,” said a student at U. of Sydney and a supporter of the HK protests. “But they don’t feel they’re safe to do that.” He added, “We don’t know who we can trust.” by @BellaKwai
  • RT @xinwenxiaojie: This looks like a still straight out of a Stephen Chow movie
  • RT @yuenok: Week 15 of Hong Kong protests. At this point, it’s about democracy and a refusal to normalize police militarization, immunity a…
  • RT @mikeives: Protesters, and police, are back on the streets of Hong Kong. @nytimesworld coverage here: @yuenok an…

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