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  • @greedyforlove like.... do people think i think i succeeded and that i’m some kind of fucking miracle worker? fuck no. are u all insane? bruh i just wanted to try. and speak my mind. i try my best to have faith in people. as hard as it is. anyway....... goodnight.
  • @dagoodshit @crislincarnated @PhD_femme @k_illua nah it’s just important to me. i’m not tryna be misunderstood when it’s of this much importance tbh.
  • @crislincarnated @PhD_femme @k_illua nah, i was anything but complacent in our conversation that none of u heard. it saddens me that u’d assume that just because i have hope that a person can change. i won’t stop having conversations w people i disagree w when i see the opportunity to. hope u would’ve done the same.
  • @armixerstan @k_illua @desikth in fact that’s why i sat down with him in the first place. i saw an opportunity to pick someone so opposite’s brain and try to talk some sense into them which i understand is highly unlikely but i will not apologize for trying. that’s all. 🖤
  • @armixerstan @k_illua @desikth and we spoke about that... i am a peaceful but passionate person and i will kindly say everything on my mind to a person’s face if i have the chance. which i did. i don’t understand what is so evil about having conversations w people. in what world did i excuse what he has said?

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