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  • @nikkiribas Don’t worry we twining 😂😂
  • People Be Like: 7:30 - Coming 8:30 - Around The Corner 10:30 - Here I’m people 😂😂😂
  • @Grandelatte01 @Forever21 @ArianaGrande And what are they exactly falsely advertising ?!? Clothes lol that’s based on a pop star Ariana grande. They aren’t doing anything wrong. Don’t know why you are flighting this as if your her lawyer too.
  • @Grandelatte01 @ArianaGrande @Forever21 And I really love how your saying it’s the principle as if she told you that 😂😂😂😂 it’s @ArianaGrande trying to fill her bank account to be on her @taylorswift13 shit sueing everyone that comes near her 👋 🏦
  • It’s money hungry.... so don’t tell me I didn’t read the full story. @forever21 can hire who ever the fuck they want. @ArianaGrande turned them down. So they got someone else who’s a model. Case closed. And that’s what will happen in court too mate. 👋. They didn’t steal anything

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