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  • Who you got tonight? Oregon or Utah? 🏈
  • My art teacher in the 5th grade, said I sucked. 🎨 But maybe she was wrong. Maybe I was ahead of my time. ‘Cause this fu*kin banana duct-taped to the wall sold for $120,000 at a art show!
  • If wet or cold weather keeps you indoors this weekend, remember #smartandclassy is streaming! @NetflixIsAJoke If you haven’t seen it ... please check me out. 🎤😂 #woofwoofwoof 💪🏾
  • RT @MichaelRapaport: I’m no longer a Knicks fan & you shouldn’t be either. Firing of #Fizzdale & an apology to Tingus Pingus @kporzee Bye…
  • RT @MichaelEDyson: "He had ingenuity, he worked against the odds, high school dropout, and yet he's being taught in a school by a guy with…

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