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  • @JustSadozai Please contact us at and we will help you regain access.
  • @matheusdovales Hi, we are very sorry but it is not possible to change the username on ASKfm :( But you can change in the settings your Full name. This is a name that everyone will see when you ask a question.
  • @Huthaif14166985 We review each report individually and take appropriate actions in accordance with Community Guidelines. We only close accounts if they violate our Community Guidelines.We don't determine an action based upon the number of reports, but by the content found on the reported account
  • @barbzayka Мы ценим любые отзывы от наших пользователей. Я передам Вашу идею в рабочую группу. Наши специалисты находятся в постоянном поиске новых возможностей и способов улучшить впечатления пользователей от ASKfm.
  • @BrentDicesare Please contact us at

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