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  • I legit cannot wait for @HBO #ABlackLadySketchShow. Every time I see the promo i am laughing way too hysterically. Each and every time!!
  • @ReeseW @ZoeKravitz @NicoleKidman @LauraDern @shailenewoodley We need more!!!!
  • RT @ReeseW: We’re all in this together #BLL2 @zoekravitz @nicolekidman @lauradern @shailenewoodley
  • This master class in acting. Nicole Kidman vs Meryl Streep on #BigLittleLies finale was just everything. Feel like I need to watch it again to capture every nuance and movement in their performance.
  • Nerves bad already. Season finale @BigLittleLies now. #shook #BigLittleLies

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