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  • Samantha couldn’t give birth to her own children so she and her husband decided to look on social media for pregnant women who wanted to give their babies up for adoption. But they fell prey to a scammer who had promised babies to lots of couples.
  • Volunteers were told a made-up story about campaign posters being destroyed after having been found to have been funded by an American. Then, nearly half of them claimed to have had memories of at least one of the made-up events detailed.
  • A daytime blackout caused by fire in a Brazilian city prompts thousands of people to #prayforamazonia.
  • A mother expressed her concern about extremist content poisoning the minds of boys as they use the internet, in a post that went viral. She thinks there are warning signs parents should heed.
  • Designer brands like Versace and Swarovski are caught in crossfire on Chinese social media as protests intensify in Hong Kong.

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