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  • @anothergaze gentle reminder that you can get the new print issue here! in digital or print. 228 pages of GOODNESS
  • My essay on Astra Taylor's What is Democracy & Gabrielle Brady's Island of Hungry Ghosts—two thoughtful documentaries exploring democracy, citizenship, and state borders—in @anothergaze's print issue is now online
  • RT @anothergaze: "This parable of individual mastery underplays the uncomfortable truth that conventional success...always seems to involve…
  • Maybe its time for millennial socialism to cancel the celebrity industry. A whole subclass of overindulged adult children raking in millions a year and for what. To be the objects of parasocial relationships and shill for jeff bezos and empire?? Wasteful
  • RT @jake_bittle: I love this A.O. Scott essay about falling in love with Sontag as a precocious teenager, and about the ways in which great…

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