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  • RT @wandering_quinn: Everything is down to perception & how we feel at the time but if you’re going to India soon here are my honest opinio…
  • @wandering_quinn That is so true. My first time in India was coloured by my own perception, I was in a very bad place at the time and this reflected in my experience. My subsequent visits were much better and I saw very different sides to that great country
  • @amandaasette He won. Just sayin'.
  • @DreamInLace @jennymarston_xo
  • @JaMekaRamnath @jennymarston_xo I always reply "it IS in the budget you got from the brand, you just don't want to give any of it to us, but still expect us to do all the actual work." God damn middlemen. This is why I rarely work with PRs now, I just cut them out and work with brands marketing teams directly.

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