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  • @Travellersoul76 They definitely do! Haha! And you are coming to TBEX? That is awesome! Will be good to finally meet you!
  • @Travellersoul76 Aw thank you so much! I had a travel agent yesterday offering pretty much the same! Haha
  • @Travellersoul76 Oh it's every single day. The last one wanted me to refer people to them, but 'we do work with bloggers on campaigns but aren't looking for paid opportunities at this time'! Well go look elsewhere then you cheeky ... 😂
  • @GoAwesomePlaces @rosettastone I've been a fair few times now (and have studied Japanese martial arts all my life) and have always tried to speak as much as possible, but they are so polite they always feel sorry for me (or get sick of me butchering Japanese) and speak English! 😂😂
  • @amandakendle @travelsofadam I specifically make time every morning for a healthy breakfast and sit down to listen to a podcast then before I do any SM or writing, or occassionally if I am doing DIY or more rarely taking time to draw or sketch. They are all nice times to sit back and just listen.

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