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  • @RoamingRequired @LivOnShoestring Handy trick for good sun protection spray so the thieving security don't have it off you and leave you spending a lot more at the airport or your destination
  • @Trayset Usually the case with UK government advisories. Something happens, change the panic station lightbulb to red and then leave it up long past any common sense risk factor has gone.
  • Expert safety advice on what to do if you are caught near a terror attack while travelling. Odds are extremely low but it is always best to be prepared via @bemusedbackpack #SriLanka #travel #safety
  • @Pinkzenjoy Any attack like this is of course horrific and I can't imagine what families go through, but as you say they can happen anywhere at any time, and we cannot allow fear to dictate our actions. I for one will be planning a trip there ASAP #SriLanka
  • Lots of reports saying the UK Gov have issued warnings to travellers in the wake of the #SriLanka terror attack, they have an advisory but important to state there is no advice NOT to travel and Sri Lanka remains in general a safe place despite this attack

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