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  • I had to call and talk to two people to cancel my Seattle Times subscription today. That’s absurd. And then they didn’t want to let me do it without a reason. And they wonder why people don’t subscribe to more of their shit?
  • RT @brooksreview: iOS Productivity Report — 3/25/19
  • @shawnblanc @mikegmcdonald I haven’t tried it. It is on my list, but if it is anything like the former compass stands size wise, it doesn’t hold the 12.9” very well. it holds it, but you don’t want to tap the screen too hard. :)
  • I put a lot of work into today’s post. It’s the most comprehensive bag selection guide I have written. It uses all my nearly useless bag knowledge. Enjoy.
  • RT @brooksreview: Bag Guide 2019

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