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  • 2019 marks 150 years since the creation of the periodic table. Whenever people visit my office, I like to show them my favorite version. It’s made out of samples of each element, and reminds me every day of why I’m so fascinated by science and technology:
  • If you believe innovation is for everyone, then I have a list for you: 10 challenges that the world needs your ideas to help solve.
  • Diversity is good for innovation. This is a great conversation between @robotsmarts and @timnitGebru on the importance of representation and female leadership in tech.
  • If you want to discover what makes a school great, there’s no substitute for spending time in the classroom. I learned a lot from the students and teachers at this Chicago school:
  • Medical advances should be available to everyone who needs them. That’s why I’m excited about an inexpensive blood test that could help doctors predict if a baby will be born prematurely. This information would undoubtedly save lives.

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