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  • Adapting to climate change requires support from governments and businesses to ensure those most at risk have the opportunity to thrive. A new report from @GCAdaptation lays out steps we can take to address this urgent issue.
  • The new docuseries that looks at my work is out tomorrow. I hope you check it out on @netflix. I can’t wait to hear what you think:
  • As governments invest more in primary health care systems, overall health outcomes improve. Here’s how:
  • Melinda and I started out ahead. But hundreds of millions of people around the world have to overcome hurdle after hurdle to be successful. Read about how advocates are working to even the odds for everyone:
  • Health and education are improving everywhere in the world. But the gap between countries’ progress can be enormous. Our foundation’s 2019 Goalkeepers report examines two of the biggest factors responsible for this inequality:

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