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  • The more I’ve learned about Alzheimer’s disease, the more I’ve come to admire the volunteers who participate in clinical trials, and their caregivers too. Here’s a way you can help fight Alzheimer’s:
  • Better tools for collecting and sharing data will help community health workers protect families in the poorest parts of the world.
  • Expanding the diversity of therapies in the pipeline and more efficiently recruiting patients for clinical trials will increase our odds of discovering a breakthrough. I’m hopeful it will lead to an intervention that reduces the impact of Alzheimer’s.
  • @ewarren I’m always willing to talk about creative solutions to these problems.
  • @ewarren I greatly respect your commitment to finding ways to address wealth inequality and poverty at home. While we may disagree about some of the ways to get there, we certainly agree we need a lot of smart people committed to finding the path forward.

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