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  • When properly treated, Poop can provide valuable resources that can later be used in multiple ways. Do you know some? #FSM #Sanitation #FlushKeBaad
  • Periodically, the pit or septic tank needs to be emptied and the fecal matter is transported to a designated treatment site. #FSM #Sanitation #FlushKeBaad
  • Poop, when properly and safely collected in a pit after defecation is the first step to ensuring that it does not go untreated into the environment. #FSM #Sanitation #FlushKeBaad
  • Safe containment, transportation, and treatment of poop can ensure that no waste is wasted. #FSM #Sanitation #FlushKeBaad
  • #DYK: These new #toilets are:- ✅ Safe and inexpensive to operate ✅ Functional without running water and, in some cases, electricity ✅ Sustainable, eliminating pathogens while recovering nutrients and energy Check them out!

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