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  • Well Boston, I’m trying my damn hardest to make it on time for the first show, but if I don’t you can fully blame @JetBlue. I’ll be there as soon as I can!!!!! #KBspringbreaktour
  • @Taylor_Shea123 Honestly I would’ve made a horrible first impression bc I was in such a bad mood! Lol! Say hi next time tho 😋
  • @Taylor_Shea123 WORST airport experience ever! And I fly almost every day, so it’s saying a lot. Hope you guys made it out alive.
  • Not to mention I have TSA pre check and they completely disregarded it, made me take apart my entire bag (that I’ve been flying with for over a week with ZERO issues), and were RUDE as f*ck about it. Get it together BWI.
  • WOW what a morning. Baltimore airport is the MOST DYSFUNCTIONAL airport I’ve ever been in. 30 minute wait between TSA agent checking my ID and actually getting to the security belt.

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