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  • Kim Jong Un's regime threatened by... K-Pop? New survey shows a growing number of North Korean defectors say pop music was a big factor in how they became disillusioned with the government in Pyongyang. Our story, 5:50pm ET @CNNSitRoom.
  • A classic Kremlin cover-up? Analysts are worried about Chernobyl-style denials, as Putin and his inner circle spin the explosion of a nuclear-powered missile. Is he putting public health at risk to keep details of his new weapon secret? Our story, 5:50pm ET @CNNSitRoom.
  • N.Korea conducts 6th short-range missile test in three weeks... Kim is clamoring for President Trump's attention, but also furious over joint US-South Korean military drills. But why are Kim and Trump both slamming S.Korean president Moon Jae-in? Our story, 5:50pm ET @CNNSitRoom
  • The Kremlin remains silent about a mysterious explosion- of what U.S. officials believe was a nuclear-powered cruise missile. Is Putin covering up the accident to protect military secrets? Our story on the concerns about potential radiation fallout, 5:50pm ET @CNNSitRoom.
  • Is Putin's government covering up details of a deadly nuclear missile explosion, to protect military secrets? We spoke to nuclear weapons experts about the dangers of that missile, possibly leaking radiation on the sea floor. Our story, 5:50pm ET @CNNSitRoom.

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