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  • Putin's power play.. The Russian president strikes a security deal w/Turkish president over Syria that has U.S. officials worried.. And he's made other moves, in the Middle East and beyond, designed to bolster his power-- and diminish America's. Our story, 5:50pm ET @CNNSitRoom.
  • Trump's stunning reversal... He now says his Doral golf resort will not host G-7 summit next year. Will the 'Trump brand' be hurt by this? Our story, 5:50pm ET @CNNSitRoom.
  • In Pyongyang, upper floors of many luxury apartments have had their windows mysteriously covered. What does Kim's regime not want those residents to see? Our story, 5:50pm ET @CNNSitRoom.
  • It's a historical first.. President Trump uses his office to steer a contract for a major event to one of his properties. His Doral golf resort will host next year's G7 summit. Why ethics watchdogs call this a brazen conflict of interest.. Our story, 5:50pm ET @CNNSitRoom.
  • Kim Jong Un on horseback... Spectacular propaganda photos are released of the dictator, riding on Mt. Paektu. But it could be more than a photo-shoot. Analysts say Kim often goes to the mountain, before making major decisions. Our story, 5:50pm ET @CNNSitRoom.

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