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  • Sources tell CNN, North Koreans presented a $2-million bill for the hospital care of American student Otto Warmbier, when U.S. envoy went there to win Warmbier's release in 2017. Warmbier's father calls it a "ransom". We spoke to that envoy.. Our story, 5:50p ET @CNNSitRoom.
  • Memorable images of Kim Jong Un, stepping off his armored train as he arrives in Russia.. a trip Kim says he's "dreamed" about making, for many years. What's in this first-ever meeting for Kim.. and for Putin? Our story, 5:50pm ET @CNNSitRoom.
  • Kim Jong Un is reportedly on a train to Russia's Far East- for a first-ever face-to-face meeting w/Vladimir Putin; a meeting watched closely by U.S. and allied intelligence officials. How might the two leaders work together against the U.S.? Our story, 5:50pm ET @CNNSitRoom.
  • CNN has new, sourced info. on the mysterious raid on North Korea's embassy in Spain in February. We've spoken with the attorney of the man who allegedly led that operation. The lawyer says his client is being targeted by N.Korean hit squads. Our story, 5:50p ET @CNNSitRoom.
  • Kellyanne Conway's husband-- a Republican lawyer-- goes further than other Republicans, and even top Democrats, in calling for President Trump's impeachment.. and in his comparisons to Watergate. Our story, 5:50pm ET @CNNSitRoom.

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