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  • Last night, in the heat of the excitement at the Tony Awards, I failed to mention the elation I felt to be nominated with Jeff Daniels, Adam Driver, Jeremy Pope, and Paddy Considine. Being nominated alongside such…
  • Ensign Jay Kay was the executive officer on one of the landing ships at Normandy. What he saw 75 years ago today is something I will never forget. It was an honor to tell his story. #DDay75 @AARP
  • PFC Jim "Pee Wee" Martin jumped over Normandy hours before the Allies reached on the beaches, and he was all alone when he landed. We should all strive to have his courage. I was honored to tell Jim’s story. #DDay75 @AARP
  • Witness the heroism of PFC Dominick Bart as I narrate his letter home illustrating what he witnessed as part of the first wave to land on Normandy. #DDay75 @AARP
  • Curious about the Mueller Report but too lazy to read it? Started reading the Mueller Report but fell asleep? Began reading the Mueller Report but all the damn redactions pissed you off? Here to save you the trouble…

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