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  • @PaizPaiz9 @meagxn97 She’s been a dancer her ENTIRE career but ok
  • RT @LanaDelRey: Fuck it! I luv you
  • @meagxn97 @PaizPaiz9 We’ll let her net worth do the talking
  • So I tweeted this video to show Britney some love. But for the last 2 days my notifications have been THOUSANDS of comments retweets dragging her for her extensions falling out on stage. I wish I was exaggerating, but the video has over 50,000 views now. Sorry Brit Brit lol
  • @PaizPaiz9 @meagxn97 This was the night after she was almost attacked on stage by a drunk audience members so she was still shaky the entire night from being scared. Every other night at her show she did phenomenal and does dance very well.

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