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  • RT @DShulman_ESPN: AJ Hinch just told us that not only is Robinson Chirinos Justin Verlander's personal catcher, but that he has caught eve…
  • RT @BryanHoch: CC Sabathia with the walk-off quote, asked what he loved most about pitching: “50,000 people in The Bronx and the 💩 don’t st…
  • RT @BillShaikin: Finalists in player vote for MLB player of the year: Mike Trout, Christian Yelich, Anthony Rendon.
  • RT @ByKristieAckert: “I threw until I couldn’t anymore,” Sabathia said. #Yankees
  • RT @announcerskeds: National Radio call #ALCS Game 5 #Astros at #Yankees 7:08 pm ET on ESPN Radio: @DShulman_ESPN (pbp); @Singytweets (anal…

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