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  • ICE says its nurse examined the Mississippi mom who says she's breastfeeding, and the woman is not lactating. Mom's lawyers ask, Why not just reunite her with her 4-month-old? @ByEliott & @DianneG:
  • All this arguing. Have any of you ever tried the new Impossible chicken sandwich???? I'm kidding. But I won't be for long. Mark it.
  • RT @TheAmirVera: Eileen Echeverria's brother, an NYPD officer, killed himself last week. "I watched my brother deteriorate to a point tha…
  • RT @Lauren_delvalle: NYPD officer in Eric Garner case fired — now Garner’s mother speaks to press in front of NYPD headquarters https://t.…
  • The world needs more copy editors, not fewer. That’s not a TED Talk. It’s just what’s up.

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