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  • RT @ByJillMartin: Houston Astros denied exec taunted women reporters. Hours later, the exec apologizes (story by ⁦@ByEliott⁩)…
  • BREAKING: Hours after the Astros trash the Sports Illustrated story as "misleading and completely irresponsible," assistant GM Brandon Taubman releases a statement acknowledging his remarks and saying he is embarrassed by his behavior. Update in the link.
  • @Twit_Twat Oh, should it? Maybe you should read up on terminology. Here's a helpful article. It's five years old, but since you're so far behind... Good luck educating yourself! Thanks!
  • The Houston Astros should be talking about World Series preparations. Instead, they're denying an exec yelled at women reporters following ALCS Game 6 win. @ByEliott:
  • Gucci has 2 Chainz :)

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