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  • The population of cheetahs is plummeting. A big driver: Wealthy buyers, especially in the Gulf states, who want the animals as pets, and to show off on their social media. Tonight, @JomanaCNN goes to the Horn of Africa to investigate this devastating phenomenon. @cnni and @pbs.
  • Rev. Rob Schenck was an anti-abortion crusader who called doctors “murderers.” Then one of his followers killed an OB/GYN. Now he has a warning for Trump’s use of demonizing language. “I know all too personally that this is not ridiculous.” @NPRMichel’s interview airs tonight
  • RT @WalterIsaacson: The full episode of Danny Meyer explaining what he wants to rid restaurants of tipping — and how he got into the busine…
  • RT @jaafarAbdulKari: “There are a lot of migrants who are “integrated” in #Germany and work hard. I happen to be on TV!” Today I raise my…
  • McConnell confidante @ScottJenningsKY: GOP needs to act on guns

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