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  • The incredible true story of William Rehnquist's law school courtship of Sandra Day O'Connor ... complete with a father's offer of a culinary, ahem, delicacy known as a "prairie oyster." Historian Evan Thomas tells the tale of the two future Supreme Court justices.
  • Brazil as a major non-NATO ally, or even full NATO member? “Theoretically possible,” says William Burns, former US Deputy Sec of State. “But it seems to me the focus of our NATO relationships right now ought to be on the core purpose of NATO.
  • Our show on @cnni will start a few minutes late, as we listen to President Trump's press conference with Brazilian President Bolsonaro.
  • In Vietnam during Trump-Kim summit, I visited the John McCain memorial by the lake he parachuted into, and from where he was captured. Sobering to think how McCain helped shepherd both nations back to a place where President Trump could hold such an important summit.
  • Fmr. Australian PM ⁦@MrKRudd⁩ : 'These events shock us all' - CNN Video

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