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  • RT @hollandroden: The PLEASURE!! I have to be back in @CARE film school in Azraq refugee camp. I would love for you to be a part of their s…
  • U.S. Sen. @ChrisVanHollen joined @CARE in #Uganda to see the how America’s investments are providing food and nutrition security, supporting refugees, providing stability and empowering women. #DontCutLives #LearningTours
  • RT @care_eu: Is a humanitarian crisis the time or place for women’s economic empowerment? From conflict-affected Niger, CARE’s @suzy_madiga…
  • Derartu lives about 4.5 miles from her school, a journey that would take hours by foot. The rough terrain and long distance make walking impossible. She waits along the side of the road every day for up to an hour and a half, signaling for passing cars to pick her up.
  • #2YearsOn, nearly 1 million #Rohingya refugees are still waiting for justice and a say about their future after being forced from their homes by mass atrocities in #Myanmar.

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