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  • @EarthUncutTV Get up on Mount Fuji and get some real wind! Be safe out there.
  • Copper is ready for @Braves game 5. Winds from the east will help send balls flying deep to right field today
  • @GraemeRodgers1 My opinion prior to passing CO2>400ppm was that we were polluting the ocean with CO2 at a catastrophic rate and the consequences of killing the ocean would be far greater than warming the atmosphere with greenhouse gasses. Not faith based. Thx
  • @TedDavid14 @CNN Thank you. The mutual admiration society strikes again. I will do my best with Karen.
  • RT @DougDelonyKHOU: MAJOR DAMAGE TO I-10 AT THE SAN JACINTO RIVER: It appears the bridge suffered even worse damage this time after two bar…

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