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  • Congrats Doctor. It is well deserved. Enjoyed the links to the carbon calculator too. Flying RT coach ATL-SFO emits 1.32 tons (1.2 tonnes) of carbon Driving a gas car with 34mpg would emit 2.2 tons Driving an electric car at 300 watts/mile would emit 0.8 tons No free lunch
  • @TardisOz Sand and salt are mixed 50/50 in some places. When the roads are hilly, more salt is added to the mix. In flatter spots it can be all sand. When it gets below -10c to -15c salt becomes less effective and it's more sand again.
  • @sagayelizabeth @cnni Thank you Ms. Sagay
  • Cave Fire at 5:34am pacific time
  • RT @AllisonChinchar: Incredible scene of wildfires in New South Wales, Australia. Fire season in this area usually runs from Oct-Jan. https…

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