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  • Laugh of the day - I just got an invite to the Young Alumni Celebration at the University of Chicago alumni weekend. The advantage of taking 40 years to get my degree, I guess.
  • Given that Disney had worldwide box office of $325 million on its 1996 Hunchback of Notre Dame movie, a $5 million donation is literally the least it could do.
  • The grounding of the Boeing 737 Max is only one of the reasons your summer vacation could cost more this year. There are numerous factors pushing airfares higher.
  • The minimum wage hasn't been raised in 10 years - the longest it has ever been unchanged. With more job openings than job seekers, keeping it this low doesn't make much sense. @lydiadepillis on why even big business is giving up its fight a higher minimum.
  • RT @ProfBirge: One of my favorite characters on the MTM show. ⁦@YankeesNerd⁩ @AllisonIsidore1⁩ Georgia Engel, Gentle-Voiced ‘Mary Tyler Moo…

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