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  • Curiously Polar: new episode! 057 Who owns the Northwest Passage
  • RT @Jalopnik: Boeing has so many grounded 737 Max planes waiting to be fixed that they're parking them in the employee parking lot https://…
  • Chauvinismus: "Glaube an die Überlegenheit der eigenen Gruppe" Finde es erschreckend, wie unreflektiert manche Menschen immer noch mal eben entsprechende Sprüche raushauen. *geht kopfschüttelnd ab* #nonmention
  • The Future of Photography: new podcast episode INTERMISSION: Casting Results Let's get you all up-to-speed on our casting results. On the last episode you have already heard Jeremiah, one new voice that we added to the show. But there will be another new…
  • At least sometimes, schnapps is the solution... :D @curiouslypolar

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