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  • RT @freddieNUPE: Whenever I see lots of spent shell casings, I think of this Chris Rock ‘Bullet Control’ bit. $5000 per bullet. #LivePD #L…
  • RT @framefound: Chris Rock, Lance Crouther, Mario Joyner, and J.B. Smoove in Pootie Tang (2001)
  • RT @DrArtelGreat: 2 legends of American comedy: Martin Lawrence & Chris Rock back in the early 90s. "Run Tell Dat" and "Bring the Pain" are…
  • RT @HabibiNando: Chris Rock said to avoid divorce at all costs you just need to fuck & travel in your marriage, and thats my energy.
  • RT @FlagGirlUSA: Man, Chris Rock makes more & more sense. In 1999, it was crazy talk, but maybe we could throw this against the wall... htt…

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