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  • @Hutch__ @onelovecandy @localhost707 @CreativeMrPen @jamieeierm @BernieSanders Since you won’t get it: I’m not saying that, and he’s not.
  • @Hutch__ @onelovecandy @localhost707 @CreativeMrPen @jamieeierm @BernieSanders That is definitely what I said and he is definitely the only candidate that is advocating for that. Delusional.
  • @onelovecandy @localhost707 @CreativeMrPen @jamieeierm @BernieSanders you absolutely cannot stop yourselves from being the worst. it’s reaching comical levels now. maybe just stop being the worst.
  • @onelovecandy @CreativeMrPen @jamieeierm @BernieSanders yep.
  • @Navy_Chick_ @CreativeMrPen @narrow_urethra @bex0760 @jamieeierm @BernieSanders I’m listening and every time you tweet I like him less and less, because I can’t imagine being lumped into such an aggressively angry sub group that is incapable of questioning or criticism from your own undecided party members. Congrats.

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