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  • "We have been striking for over a year, and basically nothing has happened." Teen activist Greta Thunberg again criticized world leaders gathered for the COP25 conference in Madrid for not doing enough to stop the ecological crisis damaging the planet.
  • A married couple who met through eHarmony found out their compatibility runs deeper than they initially thought after they discovered they are a kidney match.
  • Rudy Giuliani is continuing a series of meetings in Kiev as part of a bid to keep digging for dirt on Trump's political rivals, even as House Democrats are proceeding to draw up articles of impeachment against the President for his dealings with Ukraine.
  • The United Nations says it has video evidence appearing to show that Iranian security forces were 'shooting to kill' protesters during the country's latest wave of demonstrations.
  • A Saudi national is the suspected gunman in the shooting that left three people dead at a Navy base in Pensacola, Florida, Friday morning, according to five US defense officials and another person familiar with the investigation.

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