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  • Prosecutors identify man accused of paying for hit on David Ortiz - CNN
  • @atila10 @ange_barajas
  • Investigators say they are closing in on the people who ordered the shooting of David Ortiz, my story.
  • @atila10 @ange_barajas We are comparing homicide rates by country and since you mention the US, the US homicide rate for 2018 was 5.3 per 100k people or under a 1/3 of the DR’s. Per the State Dept. the DR ranks among the “most murderous 10-15% of countries in the world. “
  • Been a crazy week covering the shooting of David Ortiz but we may get some answers soon. Last night the prosecution said: “Next week we hope to be able to give details of the motive, the intellectual authors and to offer the complete narrative of how the case took place.”

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