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  • A lot of folks haven't seen Kamala Harris in campaign mode yet (myself included)... Today, we're getting a glimpse... fired up, mic in hand, delivering red meat to an angry blue base She & Beto seem quite comfortable in this environment... will be interesting to see the rest
  • RT @jiveDurkey: the church is already packed... and THIS is the line — in the snow — to see @KamalaHarris speak in New Hampshire: https://t…
  • @SykesCharlie @KatyTurNBC @MTPDaily i needed this laugh today ... like, really needed it.
  • Trump friend Chris Ruddy hints Dan Coats' future may be in limbo He just told @camanpour “I'm hearing from sources around the White House that just general disappointment of President with Director Coats ...There's a feeling that maybe there needs to be a change of leadership.."

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