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  • US Secretary of Defense @EsperDoD says he was on the phone call between Pres. Trump and Erdogan, right before the US withdrew troops from northern Syria and knew that Turkey planned to launch an offensive into the country. Esper adds “we’re not going to war with a NATO ally.”
  • “At this point he is spinelessly complicit with White Supremacy.” - Author Michael Eric Dyson on Sen. Lindsey Graham's defense of Pres. Trump using the word “lynching” to describe the impeachment inquiry. “Here is a man who is amplifying what Trump has said by excusing him.”
  • "Indefensible... a disgusting message," says @RepBarbaraLee of Trump using the word "lynching" to describe the impeachment inquiry. He "does not understand a very painful history of African-Americans in this country or doesn't really care" she adds.
  • “We are just seeking to see if there are any arrows that point in any other direction beyond the fact that this was a shakedown scheme ordered by the President, carried out by Rudy Giuliani in this shadow diplomacy track,” @RepSwalwell says about Bill Taylor's testimony.
  • “He’s filling in some gaps, he’s sharing with us in a pretty candid way his experience,” @RepBera says about Ambassador Bill Taylor’s House testimony about the Ukraine scandal. “His memory and recollection seems to be a lot better than Ambassador Sondland was last week.”

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