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  • With Trump kicking off his re-election bid tomorrow, @JohnKingCNN walks us through recent polls showing the President losing in key battleground states. “The President says again these are all fake… They’re early, but they’re not fake.” #InsidePolitics
  • "I never knew we had the same giggle." @andersoncooper reminisces about the moments he shared with his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt. The iconic American artist, designer, and heiress has died at the age of 95.
  • Gloria Vanderbilt is dead at the age of 95. The American artist, fashion designer, and heiress was the mother to @CNN's @AndersonCooper.
  • "I don't think users have a good sense for how their data is being used ... I think we have put the burden on users to a large extent." Google CEO @sundarpichai and @PoppyHarlowCNN discuss concerns about internet privacy. #BossFiles
  • The DNC has unveiled the matchups for the first 2020 Democratic primary presidential debates. @JohnKingCNN lays out who is in and who is out and the lineup for the two nights in June.

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