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  • "The Attorney General of the United States doesn't work for the President, he works for the people of the United States," says @SenatorCarper as Trump says the release of the Muller report will be up to the AG. "He's our lawyer, not the President's."
  • "In some ways Bernie Sanders never stopped running for president," says @VanJones68. "Now the Democratic party, from the top to the bottom, seems to have taken on almost all of his ideas."
  • Fmr. FBI Deputy General Counsel, Greg Brower, says he's "surprised that Andy McCabe is going as far as he is in talking about what we all know to be an ongoing investigation." "He's clearly trying to sell a book and he's on a book tour."
  • The Mueller report may be delivered as early as next week, according to people familiar with the plans. @GloriaBorger thinks "Mueller is going to do some kind of mic drop here and go away... I don't know that we'll ever hear from him."
  • RT @CNNPolitics: President Trump says he "hasn't even thought about" replacing the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats…

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