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  • "Should the US buy Greenland? Is it time to rewrite the poem on the Statue of Liberty? Rename the New York City street in front of Trump Tower after Barack Obama, just for kicks?"
  • "In the 1990s, a scandal erupted when it was revealed the US stored nuclear weapons in Greenland, despite Denmark's policy banning such weapons throughout its territory," writes @mrosengaard.
  • "Trump managed to bring normally quarreling parties in Denmark across the political spectrum together in a common, stern rejection of the idea," writes Ask Foldspang Neve.
  • Our country is plagued by a toxic cocktail of guns and hate. And while the federal government refuses to address this violence, NY is stepping up with a proposal to call these hateful acts exactly what they are -- domestic terrorism, writes @andrewcuomo.
  • "Everything about this rollback of protections is intended to make it more difficult to save wildlife and the habitat it needs to survive," writes @bruneski of the @SierraClub.

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