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  • 'Dante, in his Divine Comedy, placed flatterers in the eighth circle of hell -- below murderers and tyrants.' There's a reason. By Deborah and Mark Parker
  • .@DrPeggyDrexler: Most boys aren't bad kids. But they're still kids, and the more of this language these kids see and hear and use, the more it will become normal—and far harder to undo
  • .@pasracic: It is up to Democratic primary and caucus participants to avoid a brokered convention
  • .@eliehonig: " caught bluffing and, when Yovanovitch and others called him, he folded."
  • .@SwaneeHunt: "In a strikingly courageous move, Yovanovitch defied our executive branch by responding to a subpoena from a separate but co-equal branch of government."

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