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  • In a special edition of "Cross-exam," @eliehonig writes that with the release of the #MuellerReport, it's clear that "Barr has thrown his credibility and independence in the gutter."
  • In her presidential weekly briefing, @sam_vinograd writes that we are likely to witness a series of regime changes over the next few months. But the US needs a more consistent approach to leadership transitions that the current one John Bolton is peddling.
  • In this week's @CNNOpinion column, "When it finally came to light this week, special counsel Robert Mueller's report seemed to animate everyone -- and satisfy no one."
  • Some Democrats are reluctant to launch impeachment proceedings knowing that a conviction in a Republican Senate is currently against the odds, but...they cannot shrug off rampant lawlessness without empowering thuggery in the future, writes Jeffrey Sachs.
  • "The body isn't a machine, and death isn't flipping a switch. Biomedical scientists know this intellectually, but law and society do not understand this medical fact very well," writes @fordvox.

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