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  • . @LisaLing heads behind bars to talk to incarcerated gang members…and her visit is met with mixed reactions. What will they reveal about the fast-growing Simon City Royals? #ThisIsLife tonight at 10p ET/PT on @CNN
  • Hunting a Bosnian war criminal is a tricky operation. Everything must go as planned. See the entire operation on a new episode of #Declassified tonight at 11p ET on @CNN
  • Cops call it a violent street gang, but the Simon City Royals recruit most of their members behind bars. @LisaLing discovers just how strong this brotherhood is on #ThisIsLife, Sunday at 10p ET/PT on @CNN
  • There were many reasons the CIA needed to capture one of the most notorious, ruthless, and vile Bosnian war criminals, General Krstic. See how they brought him to justice on a new episode of #Declassified Sunday at 11p ET on @CNN
  • He was a high-ranking leader in one of Mississippi’s fastest-growing gangs…now he’s making sure others don’t follow the same troubled path. #ThisIsLife with @LisaLing, Sunday at 10p ET/PT on @CNN

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