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  • "Everybody is very sober about this process, and understands that this is the most significant thing that you can undertake in American democracy, and that's how we should treat it." @JoaquinCastrotx, on the prospect of opening impeachment proceedings.
  • George Conway, husband of White House aide Kellyanne Conway, called for Congress to remove President Trump from office following the release of the redacted Mueller report in a scathing op-ed: “Excise that cancer without delay." @BrianToddCNN reports.
  • “We need bipartisan effort acknowledging that the Russians committed an act of war against the United States,” @SenBlumenthal says. “The future of our democracy and the upcoming election is at stake.”
  • “If you read this report, you see page by page, key details that are scrubbed, sanitized, edited out. It's like a road map that detours the traveler into the woods,” @SenBlumenthal says about the Mueller report.
  • “It’s clear from this Mueller report that the next step is for Congress to show that the rule of law actually means something in America and that we pick up this investigation and go full speed ahead,” Democrat @RepTedDeutch says.

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