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  • "Tonight, after watching history unfold... I keep turning back to this: The Constitution of the United States," says @WolfBlitzer, holding a copy of the country's founding document. "...I'll keep this... very, very close as we face another historic week ahead."
  • The White House defends Melania Trump as the First Lady remains silent about her husband's mocking of 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg.
  • Impeachment then and now: Clinton vs. Trump. @BrianToddCNN draws the comparisons and explains the differences.
  • Online anti-Semitism is fueling an alarming rise in violence. @MelissaBellCNN reports
  • "It has to be credible and to be credible we have to take our time and do it properly," says Senate Minority Whip Democrat Dick Durbin of a possible upcoming impeachment trial in the upper chamber. "There should be documents and witnesses as there was in the Clinton impeachment."

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