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  • "Bob Mueller is truly a national hero and is to be commended for what he did and the manner in which he did it," former spy chief James Clapper says. "Despite all the constant assaults, he kept his mouth shut and ran a very tight operation."
  • "I harbored what turned out to be a naive hope ... that this would somehow remove the cloud over this country and ... presidency, and I don't think the Mueller report is going to do that," says James Clapper. "Is the President ... somehow an unwitting asset of the Russians?"
  • "I wish Donald Trump had the courage to testify before the prosecutors for Robert Mueller's team but there was no legal requirement for him to do that," former prosecutor Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu tells Don Lemon.
  • Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Amy Klobuchar says she believes the House is prepared to issue a subpoena for the full Mueller report if it is not made public by the DOJ
  • "It would be pretty hard to refute" a Joe Biden-Stacey Abrams ticket, says @GovHowardDean, adding that "it's gonna really stir up the race if he [announces]."

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