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  • “It’s going to take both people of color and white people to fix the mess that white people have made,” says Rev. Robert W. Lee, a descendant of Gen. Robert E. Lee.“...If people...want to fix racism...they need to put their money where their mouth the form of reparations”
  • “This is a fight for the soul of the nation going on between Donald Trump and whoever his opponent is,” presidential historian Douglas Brinkley tells @donlemon just hours after President Trump announced his reelection bid at a Florida rally.
  • .@DonLemon: President Trump has not expanded his base as he begins his re-election campaign. #DonsTake
  • "My daughters are traumatized," says Dravon Ames, after police pulled guns on his family because their 4-year-old allegedly stole a doll. "They'll never look at police officers the same, when they're supposed to help them and serve and protect."
  • "If all Donald Trump cares about is nuclear weapons, then why didn't he stay in the nuclear deal which was actually containing the Iranian nuclear program?" says @MaxBoot on escalating tensions between the US and Iran. "It doesn't make a lot of sense."

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