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  • .@DonLemon: Here's the message for members of team Trump: The only thing to do now is to tell the truth. #DonsTake
  • "You'd have to ignore a whole lot of evidence to buy what Republicans are arguing, that there is no there there." - CNN's @DonLemon reports on the latest details revealed from the public impeachment inquiry hearing
  • A brochure advertising the sale of Trump’s Washington hotel highlights the potential for investors to profit off foreign governments
  • CNN's Fareed Zakaria says President Trump is "selling out American foreign policy" with his handling of Syria
  • During a meeting in the Oval Office Wednesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan pulled out an iPad to show a small group of Republican senators and President Trump a propaganda video casting the Kurds in a negative light, according to a GOP source

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