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  • #mondaymood I am getting ready to start a new home that I am building over the next couple of months and I am putting together my inspiration pics. It is a custom spec home that will be for sale in North Jersey. Thoughts on this home where everything is White?! #designideas
  • #fridayfun as parents everyone always tells you who your son or daughter looks like. Sometimes you agree and sometimes you don’t. Jenn is top left, I am top right, Lily is bottom right, and Shea is bottom left. Which of our daughters looks like which parent? #parentbabychallenge
  • #mondaymood Happy Monday! Show your cousins love and have a great week! #cousins #cousinslove @CarrinoAnthony
  • @GmanSoCal You can it is all about hard-work!
  • Happy Friday ALL! New PR!!! 205! Thanks @dfaithful_traiiner for always pushing! @crossfit201 @nobullproject @roguefitness • #crossfit #fitnessgoals #fitdad #fitnessmotivation #pushyourself

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