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  • In this lesson, help your kindergarten Ss discover how the internet can be used to visit faraway places + learn new things, all while staying safe. #privacy #K12 #digcit
  • What are your digital citizenship goals for the new school year? Join curriculum creator @kellymendoza in the next #CSEdChat and learn how the new #digcit curriculum can help you reach your goals!
  • What's a better use of screen time - creating content or simply consuming it? Does what you're doing online make that time more or less healthy? @KQEDedspace goes deeper in this video + our lesson for 11th-graders. #AbovetheNoise #screentime #K12 #digcit
  • In this lesson, Ss use a fun traffic light activity to learn how to identify "just right" content, giving them the green light to learn, play, and explore the internet safely. #privacy #K12 #digcit
  • Want to connect with other educators and participate in lively discussions? Join our Facebook Group! #digcit #edtech #edtechchat #edchat

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