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  • RT @whovianpbt: I am sure he was spreading God's Word with his tongue. #PastorDavidWilson #atheism
  • RT @YARONMUDI: #PastorDavidWilson: Married Pastor David Wilson spotted eating another woman's a*s and va*ina in leaked sex tape, his family…
  • RT @Peopleloaded_ng: Viral Video Show Married Pastor David E. Wilson Eating The Box Of A Woman - #PastorDavidWilson…
  • RT @vinivinidogo: Maybe it’s me but if you got time to pull out cameras, phones, etc during sex...#PastorDavidWilson Then the sex can’t b…
  • RT @WeGlobe1: Most Hilarious Reactions To Pastor Wilson’s (Alleged!) Sex Tape

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