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  • @AlcoholicUmji @chartbuddies Lol having buddies like you who would need enemies?
  • RT @ShopeeID: Coba siapa yang kemarin nonton TV SHOW SHOPEE 11.11 BIG SALE bersama GFRIEND? Nih aku ada wallpaper full member dari show kem…
  • RT @BasedSagee: Yall remember when Cartoon Network use to do this shit
  • RT @m_onstaxsupport: ✅NEW HASHTAGS✅ Our boys deserve better than this. All 7 of them. Use these hashtags: #소중한사람들_널하다 #MonstaXdeservesB…
  • could you not bunch all armys as a whole when a few toxic ones hurt your feelings??? mbbs jumped to bandwagon hate jmn for wearing a shirt huney wore, blinks bully & fatshame their own faves under army façades and stays made a big deal of like 2 armys calling them out. ridiculous

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