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  • Only been in America for an hour and already an old lady made a transphobic comment in the bathroom cause a man accidentally walked left instead of right and I didn’t hear til jamie told me after and she’s lucky cause I’m not above calling out grandmas in public
  • @MoxieDitz Thank you ❤️
  • (I also passed up the salary job world to freelance so I could follow things I’m passionate about rather than what was expected of me but wasn’t making me happy and that was probably the best thing I did all decade)
  • (I was actually the first person to ever convocate my MA program. I also got through two bouts of corporate abuse from rental companies causing financial trauma + narrowly avoided wrongful eviction/homelessness + the queerphobic loss of legal proceedings after)
  • - got BA.Hon & MA - met Gaga, gave her copy of my thesis on her work - 1st salary job+benefits - 1st move of my own outside military/school - chose passions over limiting relationships - co-built own brand/platform that was 1st of its kind in its niche - work w artists I admire

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