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  • #20point1: There are known cases where certain 2019 Registered Judges do not appear in the dropdown menu. These cases are being looked into. In the meantime, athletes can type their judge’s name in the open text field, and it will save:
  • A rush of relief and pure joy. 📍CrossFit Open Workout #20point1 at @CrossFitDC.
  • "This workout is a burner! Pace yourself in the beginning. Don't chalk unless you really need it. Accept the pain and keep going."— @SaraSigmundsdot 🇮🇸 #20point1
  • RT @BrendaSoriano_: The best thing about this Open so far is that my parents went to cheer my sister and I on.♥️ Oh and my dad seemed a lit…
  • RT @ScottPanchik: Team @CrossFitMayhem with @richfroning ...

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