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  • @AreaJays @elite_baseball @EliteBaseballTV We miss you too.
  • RT @ltfisher12: I don’t have a flat belly because I believe in fueling my body for performance over restricting my calories to look a certa…
  • .@IcelandAnnie 🇮🇸: “Short and heavy - Friday night workouts!  4 rounds for time 20m farmers carry  4/4 Dumb bell STOH 100/70lb. 4 rounds for time  20m prowler push 6 HSPU 4 rounds for time 20m yoke carry 3 rope climbs”
  • Jessica Griffith: “‘Squat 300 for three,’ they said! ‘It’ll be fun!’ They said 😑🤣 shout out to Baylee for always pushing my limits 😘#loveya “
  • Two-time CrossFit Games veteran Alexis Johnson: “Today (Wednesday), I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis! I don’t say a whole lot about math on here, but this research has been the main focus of my life for the last 6 years. I cannot explain how good this feels 😊”

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