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  • L.A family today marks one month before I will be taking a pause on teaching. I’ll be traveling to New York (for the sweetest gig y’all... I’m freaking out/thankful AF 🙏🏽🤯🙏🏽🤯 #TBA) I won’t…
  • Stay woke team! There’s someone working just as hard you, don’t sleep on yourself! Come work harder & better with me litmethod ! 9:30 am 6:30 pm 7:30 pm (1 hour burn) 3 ops to get LIT!…
  • @CarKelleher he has done did it. we waits now
  • @CarKelleher you better start planning out how to impress me when i get the gig and you ride in my classes ona daily... in malibu... being cutey socal house wives
  • @CarKelleher I LEGIT DIED

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