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  • @collinsleslie Hi Leslie! If you are tuning in when the DB365 first airs, you will catch this pre-show of our studio setup which lasts 10 minutes. Email if you have any other questions or need further assistance!
  • @boob_newhart Sorry for the misunderstanding, Amanda! Our team has reached back out via email and would love to make this right for you.
  • @Nicoleeberardii Our team will follow up with you via email.
  • @Nicoleeberardii Hi Nicole, we see you reached out to our Customer Success team regarding your account set up via DietBet. If you have any further questions, please reply so our team can assist.
  • @LBBZ2 For assistance, our Customer Success team would be able to best help or point you in the right direction if you did not sign up directly via our website. Email, you should receive an automated reply & a personal follow up from our team shortly after!

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