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  • Next on @TheWeekly: You think seeing is believing? Join the great @DavidBarstow as he explores how close A.I. engineers are to mimicking real life -- and what the consequences might be. Sunday on @FXNetworks and @Hulu.
  • RT @Sulliview: He writes:
  • @mmcintire @nytimes I shall wait ‘til morn’s first light.
  • Nay, my lady, nay! We belong to no cabal such as conjured by the troubled mind. We are but a humble endeavor intent upon informing the public of the day’s occurrences. So please, good citizens, subscribe to @nytimes.
  • Episodes of @TheWeekly are now available to @nytimes subscribers! Watch 'em! Trade 'em with your friends! Here's one about a former NYC mayor who went on to ... well, watch and learn. A cast of @nytimes characters, including meself.

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