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  • Ugh my lower eye lid has been itching for 2 days! Wtf? I’ve been flushing it with cold water and everything. 😩 What can I do? My doctor isn’t in until tomorrow!
  • My best friend texts me and goes, “you wanna do the winery and dinner next weekend?” I was in a mood too, so that instantly perked me up. She knows me! 😩I guess she was like, I’m kicking off your birthday this year! 🤣We do this every year but usually late October, so yay! 🤗
  • Happy Sunday!
  • Your calm reassurance and quiet expertise can shepherd a colle... More for Libra
  • RT @cocoabutterbf: Happy 50th Birthday to Billy Porter! In honor of @theebillyporter's birthday and his EMMY NOM, here are his 7 rules to…

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